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PJSC “Kyivoblenergo” (KOE) is the Ukrainian electricity distribution company specializes  in electricity transmission and supplying to the consumers in the Kyiv region. The company is owned by a leading Ukrainian managing company “VS Energy International Ukraine”.

The history of company

PJSC “Kyivoblenergo” was founded in 1995 as a state enterprise. Later, according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine “About the restructuring of the electric power sector in Ukraine” on April 4, 1995 and the Order of the Ministry of Power of Ukraine on August 2, 1995,   the company was transformed into the State Joint Stock Power Supply Company «Kyivoblenergo».  The Right Bank, Left Bank and BILOTSERKIVSKA electric networks were included in the “Kyivenergo”. Later, in 1998,  reorganization of the transformation of the electricity grid BILOTSERKIVSKA was held. At the same time the structure of regional power grids were also changed.

As a result of the tender conducted by the State Property Fund of Ukraine, the global energy corporation  AES bought the majority of “Kyivoblenergo” shares in 2001. The same year, during the general meeting of shareholders the company “Kyivoblenergo” changed its name to OJSC “AES Kyivoblenergo” and in the beginning of 2004 the  company turned into a private limited company by decision of the shareholders.

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Joint Stock Companies”, the general meeting of “Kyivoblenergo” shareholders decided to change the name of the Company into Public Company “Kyivoblenergo” on April 11, 2011. In April 2013 the company “AES Kyivoblenergo” became a part of the energy business one of the leading Ukrainian managing companies – “VS Energy International Ukraine” and changed its name to PJSC “Kyivoblenergo”.

“VS Energy International Ukraine” aims to promote economic development and welfare enterprises managed by the company. It aims to provide a profit of shareholders with a help of the effective management according to the highest professional and ethical standards. “VS Energy” also aims to create good conditions for staff groups through investments in logistics and social infrastructure.